Friday, April 23, 2010


Yesterday Anth got his biannual hearing check up. He is growing up so fast. I was unable to take a quick pic with my cell phone, but it was ADORABLE!

Typically he sits on my lap in this sound booth thing filled with toys on the walls. The toys move about or make sound. They watch for movement of his head or body to the sound. Now that he is older he was able to try something new. I was worried because he usually is kind of crazy when it comes to games (only with me it seems) so I wasn't sure he would correctly participate.
But he did great.
We did a few practice runs saying BEEP to him, and he was to put a card into a box with a slit on top.

Card in box.
Got it kid?

Then we did a practice run with his little headphones on. The Audiologist was sitting outside the booth in a window. He loved her. He was sitting and listening to her talk through the headphones, and replying to her. I of course couldn't hear her, so it was funny seeing him respond to her.
He was soooo excited when he would hear a beep in the headphones..."*Gasp* I HEAR A BEEP"

He would get so excited in telling her, he would forget to put the card into the box. He did great. The test shows everything is working normally.

So blessed for that.