Friday, February 26, 2010

Deviled Eggs

You little sugary eggs straight from the devil. I want to devour you. All of you. In one sitting which will make me sick, but I would be happy.

Darn you.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And I shall be known this day forward as LOCKJAW

I won't open my mouth for food, I will lock my little lips together. No No No! I will not eat your carrots, or peas, or sweet potatoes. I may take three bites of pears or green beans, but that is ALL! I will however put EVERYTHING else into my mouth. My toes, your toes, little things I find. Toys, fingers, spoons, everything but food.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Days for Little Drew

First Bath July 31, 2009

First Smile Sept 1, 2009

Blessing Day Sept 6th, 2009

First Rolling Over both directions Nov 11th 2009
* The video I have is all blacked out, but it was great fun. Anthony loved to try and Help Drew by showing him how roll around, then actually roll Drew around. What a great big brother.

First Tooth Dec 26th, 2009
It was to difficult to get a picture of this. But now he has TWO front bottom teeth.

First Crawling/Sitting up Last two weeks of January 2010
I do have video of this I will upload. He is master of the crawl now. He skipped creeping. He tried it the first day, then said forget it I'm going to crawl!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rootin TWOtin Birthday party

Of course Anthony's birthday was a bit hectic with the birth of his baby brother just 5 days earlier! So he had a party with family and close friends a couple weeks later. Of course on his actual day we had his favorite foods at every meal. Bacon for breakfast, Tofu and rice for lunch, and Bama's spaghetti for dinner. He loved it.

Then a couple weeks later when Uncle David, Auntie Beth and Julian and Katie came to stay for a week we held his party. It was a wonderful day full of yummy food, family, friends and a nice WARM pool to swim in. Of course we left the solar pool cover on for the time Drew was born and all the way up till the party, WHICH was about 80 degrees. It was quite warm, but the kids loved it. ;)

Anthony loved being sung too, but STILL didn't eat cake. For a kid that loves cookies, why he didn't enjoy ANY of his two birthday cakes is beyond me. Didn't get that from me that is for sure! The frosting however was joyfully applied to his own face. Hmmmm.
A super funny story was a few months after his birthday, he came up to me with the two little Nemo toys, and said "Birthday Cake!" It amazed me that after a couple months he remembered that those two little toys came from his cake as the decorations!

Welcome Drew Baby ( Belated yeah-yeah)

I've been a bad bad Momma!

Well no not really of course


I do like to blame Blogspot and AT&T for most of this issue!
I went on here several times to upload pics of the newest addition to our family a while ago. Being on the edge of the world, surprising we DO have DSL, but of course when I'm downloading or uploading it crashes. Or when I need to look something up, it crashes. Or if I look funny at it, it crashes. You get the gist?

So I gave up and stayed busy being a mom of two little boys.

Anyway I need to post that


We are alive and do exist!

We did have our son
July 17th 2009
11:47 AM
7 lbs 9 oz
21 inches long.

he is now 6 months old!! Crawling, teething and learning to eat solid foods. Anthony has learned how to speak better and is talking nonstop. But of course most of it is gibberish and we cannot understand.
I need to post a few pics of these past few months.