Saturday, August 30, 2008


could get into so much trouble driving the mustang. Its pretty fun. And pretty fast.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Kisses and Hippo Walking

A Christmas present Anthony received was this cool hippo thing where he could push walk, and it can pick up and eat toys. Then when he is older he can sit and ride it around. A couple nights ago out of the blue Anthony surprised us by figuring out on his own that he could walk the hippo around. Of course I taped some of the first videos of it. By the next morning he is the hippo master and pushes the hippo everywhere he can go. My walls and glass doors are taking the brunt of it all. The joy in watching him move his little diaper covered booty is priceless though. Kisses are given frequently in our household. Nothing like the open mouth kiss that babies give. This morning while I was holding him, Anthony planted a big joyful kiss right on my mouth when I was talking to him. What a surprise! Usually I ask him for kisses and if he is willing he will give one. Today was different because he did it all on his own. What a moment! The only dark spot on it was that I saw him giving Mr. Pickles kisses on his nose a few mornings ago.

I know for a fact that Mr. Pickles didn't ask for them. So am I second to the dog?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Old page, New Words

So I finally got back on my old page and updated it to the new version of Blogger. Finally. The old style made me rip my hair out sometimes. I have to say I love the user friendlier version mucho better.

So I decided to bring sexy back, meaning my old blog.

It's made only for me and me only. My thoughts, stupid things I see and want to talk about. I like to save this blog for my family and happier thoughts. I really don't want to bog down this happier blog with the conundrum of my mind.

So It's BACK


Monday, August 25, 2008

I was tagged

Well I really should head to bed, but hey why not live on the edge?

Things I was doing 5 years ago?
I was getting ready for my wedding. My face was swelling up really bad on one side, so much that I looked like Sloth from the movie Goonies. Which created A LOT of additional stress on me. No worries, it went down the week of the wedding. There was a little puffiness, but not like it was before!

Pet Peeves?
People who smack their food, and chew with their mouth open. Ick.
Bad drivers, getting stuck behind slow driver when you are in a hurry. Gum smackers or snappers. Snottiness. People who throw their trash on the ground.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Move outta here and far far away. Buy a large ranch with a pond full of ducks and geese. Fill the garage up with all the cars my hubby wanted. Buy myself a grand piano. I too like Emily would hire a chef and housekeeper. Then I would probably have more kids so I could play with them. What a nice thought! I would vacation in all the warm white sanded islands.

Favorite Food/Snacks:
McDonald's French Fries
Lay BBQ potato chips
Eggplant parmigiana
green grapes
cookies n creme ice cream
rice pudding
movie popcorn with butter and salt

Now lets hear from:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Car

Well we traded in the corolla for a mustang yesterday. Ira has had mustang dreams since he was a little kid. Of course he has owned several old classics that needed to be worked on but they all needed serious money to be dropped into them. He never got the chance to enjoy them like he had hoped. So after some thought, watching a particular car on the dealer lot for months we threw caution to the wind and traded almost straight across. Of course we know that it isn't the smartest move in the world to trade in a reliable, economical car for the gas guzzling sport car, but if you knew my husband you would understand why it was a valuable move for our sanities and marriage.

I am hoping that this might quiet some of the demons that have plagued us since he has been home from Iraq. Ira doesn't get a chance to go out and do a lot of hobbies. Cars are his number one passion. He is wanting to get a local car club together so they can go on rides, compete in car shows and do service projects. Already the past few days I am seeing life back into my husband's eyes. He is working so hard 7 days a week lately and I am happy that he was able to reach out and touch his biggest dream in life yesterday.

I am surprised that he wanted a newer car rather than the classic. But at least with this one he can drive it and slowly build his 67 fastback. Instead of trying to get the 67 restored in record amount of time and HUGE amounts of money.

We recently sold our 1969 Mach 1 a few months ago. Now we are proud owners of a 2003 Mach1. I guess we just love our ponies and gotta hear the hoof beats all the time
Our old 69 Mach 1
The 67 in its current stage of restoration

What the completed 67 fastback will look like

Meet the newest member of the family!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meltdown, right ahead!

Oh yes it was one of THOSE days today. And yet it is only past noon. Are you seeing the trend here?

I took an Excedrin headache medicine today. Which has given me the worst case of jitters in the world. I feel like a spaz running around all confused. I recently told a friend of mine that I wanted to take up using Meth as an energy form so I could get more done in a day. It was a joke of course, but now I am very sure that wouldn't be a good idea. If Excedrin made me feel like this... who knows what crank would do to me!!

My mom was going to come by today so I could go to my Dr appt, and run a couple errands minus the bebe.

That was the plan.

My hubby needed the truck, called and asked if I could exchange our cars at his work. Sure. I call my mom. "Hey mom could you drive the truck here so I can exchange it with Ira then I will take you home?" Sure she says. Great.

Ring Ring.

Its my mom about 15 min before she said she was going to be at my house. About 1/2 hour before my Dr appt.

Can I drop bebe off at her house instead, family issue, she needs to stay there. Sure I say. Of course I DIDN'T look at the clock and time everything out. Of course I DIDN'T have everything packed so I could take him to my moms instead. Of course NOT! Its just not how I roll apparently.

So after running around like a chicken with no head, I throw my dirty-from- breakfast-and-still-in-his-PJ's-baby into the jeep. I can't find my cell, I can't find anything AHHHHHH! So I backed into the garage, run run run. I pull back out into the street and realize its 9:50 now. So that leaves 35 minutes for me to drive to Hughson, drop off my kid. Drive to Modesto and meet Ira and swap vehicles. THEN drive to Salida for my Dr. Appt.

I usually thrive on the challenge of it all, but I felt like was having a breakdown. I can't get a hold of Ira. Forget dropping bebe off, I'll take him like I originally planned. And that unfortunately means putting of his morning nap!!!

Ira calls, after a frantic phone call I hang up more frustrated than ever.

Drive BACK into my garage for the third time. My new neighbor is working in her yard thinking that I MUST be some kind of freak.

Take the kid back out, quickly bath him and change him. Run around getting his stuff to take along with me. No biggie.

Hubby calls to tell me he isn't trying to be mean but I should have my day planned out a little bit better. Excuse me?!?! Who calls me an hour before and wants to throw a huge wrench into my day. Then to top it off, my mom threw an additional one too. 15 minutes wasn't enough time for me today to get it done. an hour would have been perfect. Remind me next time to have possible scenarios all charted out just in case something like this should arise again. GRRRRRR

We get to the Dr office, no problems. He seems like a nice guy. Asked me how I am doing. I was surprised my blood pressure wasn't as high as I was feeling. I tell him anxious but I think it is the medication I took today.

He tells me, no more fried food, less salt, no canned foods come back 5 weeks and get some blood work. Ice your joints for arthritis in your hands. Here is a phone number for a referral.

No more fried food? WHAT??? But McDonald's french fries are a staple in my life! Its on the food pyramid I swear!

So I place the number in the front section of my stroller, and walk out of the building. SHOOOOSHHHH a big gust of wind comes and blows everything out of the stroller. Including that referral number. So I am running off in the muddy field next to the parking lot trying to catch up with the fluttering paper. Sigh.

Back in the car I head off to the insurance office to drop off a check. The place is directly under my dad's office so I stop in to say hi to the staff even though I know my dad isn't there. While talking to some of the ladies and showing off my cute-but-terribly-irate-missing-his-nap bebe I realize I don't have my keys. After inspection I find them next to the car seat.

In the backseat of the car.

Which is locked.

Can it get any better? Oh yes it can!

So I call AAA, and my hubby. Luckily my hubby was only working on a job site a few blocks over. He came to rescue us. But I could see the look in his eye. I so wanted to poke that eye too.

He tells me that bebe is tired and needs a nap. Are you kidding me??? I know that! we are only 2 hours over his nap time. What would I ever do without him. Of course this is just the Excedrin talking in me. I am ever thankful that he was able to come help me out. It saved me tremendously from waiting 2 hours for AAA.

So I get back on my way home. While on the freeway I got to witness a car trying to get away from a cop! He had the car pulled over when we passed him. Then a bit later this erratic driving car came up almost clipped my jeep then a semi. He then almost went off the freeway. Lights came up after us with the Sheriff cruiser. Whew! Thank goodness no one was hurt on the freeway. I hope all ended well for the sheriff.

BeBe is still sleeping. I have pushed my piano lessons back as much as I can so he can get some rest poor baby boy. He has been sneezing a lot... wait I take it all back

I hear him in his crib. Gotta go....finish the rest of this crazy crazy day!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


This is an adorable little video going around the Internet for a while now. Whenever I need a little pick me up I just watch these little guys. I love Charlie's expressions and the way he laughs and smiles into the camera. Little mischievous baby! Got to love the way his brother talks too! "Char-LEE that really hurrt! And that REALLY hurt Chaaarlie"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We had dinner tonight at Patagohs here in Turlock. We met up with Jeff Thrahser, his sister Pati, his wife and their child Teddy. Thrasher served in Iraq with Ira and was his roommate for a while. It wonderful seeing them and meeting Teddy for the first time. Thrasher moved to China to be with his new wife who is Chinese. Teddy is 2 weeks younger then Anthony but 10 pounds heavier! He is such a doll! We had a fabulous time with them and can't wait to get to see them before they head back home.

Today I received my belated birthday present Wii Fit! So after Ira played a few round of his golf on the Wii Sport game, we decided to try it out!
It was hilarious. Ira got a kick of mocking me from the couch as I attempted to try it out. "You really wasn't an athlete were you?" Was one of his questions. Whatever. I know now it was because of my feet pronation. My lack of balance has not been because I am not good at sports or balancing but because my body is built that way! No excuses says Ira. Whatever. I got my revenge soon enough. I wish I could have taken pictures of Ira doing the Tree yoga pose with his shorts rolled all the way up to his bottom! I was VERY impressed though that he held it in balance the whole time! The Tree pose looks like this.
It looks neat, but with the eighties looking rolled up shorts it just gave me the giggles that couldn't stop.

I was able to redeem myself to Ira by showing him up on the ski part, and I even taught him how to ski better. Oh and the dance stepping one, I rocked that one. But that was all I rocked. Ira whipped me in everything else. =(
We had a good time though. For both us not being gamers, we have really enjoyed the Wii. Guitar Hero too.. ROCK ON!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Big Boy Moment

He is growing up so fast. So we ended up turning his seat around and he loves it! He loves to watch the blue light from the Sirius radio. I love watching his face when he experiences something for the first time. It is such a precious moment and I want to capture and savour it forever and ever.

So we had a BBQ the other night. I thought Anthony looked so happy. He ate like a little piggy! I think Thanksgiving will be a hit since he LOVED the stuffing mix I made.

Date Night

So we got to go on a date night last night! YEEAH! So Anthony stayed with Char and her family while Ira and I went to watch The Dark Knight. We both enjoyed it. Yes it was dark and man The Joker character was amazingly creepy! EEG my skin crawled when he would smack his mouth them talking as he flicked his tounge.
But on a happier thought. I dreamily looked upon Christan Bales face and dreamed to a memory of mine. Still one of my favorite movies of all time. So shout out if you love it too. Don't leave me alone.

Friday, August 8, 2008

What a morning

It's 10:30 am. We've been up for 3 hours now.
With in that three hour span I've

-Found Anth in his crib covered in diarrhea
-Gave Anth a bath
-Soothed a screaming boy after putting on a diaper. (not sure what set him off about that one) It took 1/2 hour to calm him down.
-Called Advice nurse
-Got the crib sheets and toys in the crib all into the wash
-Cleaned up after dog getting into the diaper trash
-Kicked the dog out
-Vacuumed and disinfected carpet
-Tried to coax Anth to drink pedialyte
-Fed some yogurt breakfast to Anth
-Got a front row show to poltergeist vomiting, in the dining room and kitchen
-Cleaned up Anth and all his vomit while he happily played in the kitchen naked
-Talked to the advice nurse again
-Stood in my vomit covered clothes wishing that I could wake up and have my day start over again in a better way.
-Was able to take a shower when hubby who was running his errands was called home by me in my frantic "I'm about to lose it" tone

Anth is napping now.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So I attempted something new tonight and even though there are a few imperfections I am pretty darn proud of myself. I made a blog layout for a friend of mine. I hope she likes it!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football!?!

So are you ready for some football? Are you? Really? We officially are here in my house. The TV is on the NFL channel as I type. Hubby walked out of the room, but dare I turn it off? No I think he is coming back.

So today was a unusual day for me. I had a To Do List, which all but one was checked off! Typically most things don't get checked in my hectic life. I opted to skip on picking up the dog food until tomorrow. Too darn hot, and I was getting tired of hauling Anthony in and out of each destination we were at. I think he was too.

We still are under the weather, and poor Anth got a yucky case of diaper rash tonight. It will happen out of the blue. He howls, and complains and I try everything I know until I change his diaper where I then see the culprit. Baboon Butt as we call it. Poor little monkey.

Anthony experienced Mr Bubbles for the first time tonight and it was adorable. I just sat and watched him play in fascination of the white bubbles sticking to his hands and arms. It was a precious moment that I wish I could capture and savour in every time I need a pick me up.

So today I returned a pan that I have had over a year! OOPS!!
So I followed etiquette and did not return the pan empty. I filled it with some yummy warm brownies. I hope they enjoyed them.
Sad to say was that I don't like making brownies in my home if I don't get to eat them! I only had one box of brownies mix, and I had to do the right thing. So the smell of brownies have haunted me all day long

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Is it Wrong?

To want to give my child some benydryl at his nap time? I need some sleep. ALL NIGHT we were up. We both have a nasty cold right now, and last night I think was the worst of all the nights! Cried all night, wouldn't lay in his crib, wouldn't sleep in bed with us, wouldn't sleep in the rocking chair with me.
He is a party animal right now playing all morning since 5:30. You wouldn't have even known that we had a bad night, except for my puffy eyes and occasional head bobble as I fall asleep in mid motion. I think I got ummm 2 hours collectively. Plus I am emotional about another matter and that isn't helping the situation.

I probably won't do it, but it sure sounds tempting.