Saturday, June 21, 2008

Loud Screaming Baby...

is in his crib right now. Dr. Ferber says to let him sit in there and cry till he goes to sleep. Go check in on him 5 min then 10, 15, 30 etc. He said that when you go in they will go crazier. Wasn't that the truth! So he got ummmmmm a couple decibels louder. Ira is upset since he really doesn't like to let the little beast cry. I don't know what else to do though. Can't sleep in our bed, already fell off. Can't sleep on the air bed now since he goes cruising in the middle of the night. Heaven only knows what hurt could be inflicted upon him then!

He is quiet right now. It has been 15 minutes of screaming. Ira is watching Ultimate Fighter in the other room. I am afraid to go look and see in fear I wake him up like I did last night! Whoops!

So we painted the primer in the kitchen today. More of a frustrating kind of day that I had planned. BUT the primer is all finished!!! Now I have to make up my mind on the colors and get cracking on the painting!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Gnome Pandemic

A Gnome Pandemic has struck across the yard of the Myricks. Garden gnomes are succumbing to the virus that has been causing gnome death and destruction. Statistics so far is that there is a 50% death rate among garden gnomes located in the front yard. Please be advised to vaccinate your garden gnomes and do not let them near the Myrick household. All visiting gnomes will be quarantined.


Wow if you happen to look up garden gnomes in Photobucket you find some interesting gnomes. Wow that's all I have to say about that. Anyhoo... yes my gnomes have taken a turn for the worse this past month. Two have broken! Albeit I broke one of them on accident, the other is a mystery! Someone or something broke that one! DANG IT!

Tired of looking at the broken gnome on my doorstep I went to the garage and tried to patch them up. I attempted to fix my front door gnome by using JB Weld on it and some tape. Trying to help keep the parts together while they dry I used some clear tape to hold some pressure. After I finished I stepped back to see my handiwork, or lack thereof. What I noticed is that I created an arm sling out of the tape. It was quite amusing. Poor gnome. I do not think he is going to make it.

So tonight we are attempting Dr. Ferber's sleep method for the baby beast. And a beast he was! So far he has woken up twice and has cried himself back to sleep. Poor baby... but I MUST be strong! He needs to sleep in his crib. After the surgery we set up an airbed in his room where he was co sleeping with us. After a few nights I couldn't sleep on that thing anymore and went back to my own bed. Which has been fine up until last night. After a 1:00 in the morning feeding he fell asleep and I put him to bed next to Ira. I went back to bed, but was awoken to hear him happily chirping. I got up to check and found him playing in the hallway. Exploring in the dark? Little rascal! He climbed down the airbed and out of the room. So now little Jacques Cousteau of the Hallway you need to sleep safely in you crib!

I went to Sac today. I got to visit IKEA and eat at Mikunis! I totally recommend the sea steak, BBQ tuna and the bon bons! YUMMY!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So Anthony has this little piano. He LOVES this thing. Every morning when he wakes up he plays it, and every evening he plays it before bed. So my hubby who usually gets the little monkey to bed was telling me how Anthony won't let him play with piano. Anth will push his hands away from it. So tonight I got to see with my own two eyes this happen! Anthony was banging away on it, and daddy tried to play along with him, and he pushed his hands down and away! It gets better. Anth wandered off around the other side of the room, and I was teaching Ira Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the piano. Anth stops playing, looks at us, then crawls like a mad dashing spider around the bed over to the piano, and yep you guessed it, pushes his hands away again! It was like his actions was saying No Daddy! My Piano!

So I attempted to see what would happen when I played. Maybe since I let him play on MY piano he might reciprocate? Nope. He let me play a bit longer but then I got the boot too.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy 1st Fathers day to my awesome husband Ira!

My husband is a wonderful, doting, caring dad who wants the best for his son. I hope he had a wonderful day filled with memories.

So this goes to the one who has the magical touch to get the baby to sleep at night. Works long hard days to put food on the table and spending money in our wallets. Makes Anthony squeal with delight and holds him with tender arms.

To the one who willing naps with him on the couch, and babbles along in conversation while playing on the floor. The one willingly wakes in the night to make the bottles that I feed. The one who will change diapers, but still tries to leave some for mommy.

The one who already started teaching the concept of "milk and cookies" to his 10 month old son. The one who dreams of taking his son to car shows, fishing and other daddy and son activities.

The one to repeated "Mama" over and over so our son would say mama first before dada.

To the one who loves our son with his whole being.

Happy 1st Fathers Day! We love you very much!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Toys Today

So last night we were over at my mom's house. Anthony has some new toys she has purchased for him, but also there are the ones that have been passed down the ages of grandchildren. I discovered that even though the toys are pretty neat-o now, there are some better ones that are old!

Blocks! Simple rubber blocks on a wagon you pull with a string. The wagon makes a popping sound as it rolls. He had a blast with it. We tried stacking the blocks, but he would rather knock down my towers. =(

Simplicity is what I am craving. He has the singing, beeping, lights and action toys which he loves. But I Want him to be able to be entertained by something that doesn't make noise, or sing or light up in 12 different colors. Something simple like a plain tower of rings was harder for me to find other than the lighted singing one. Longs of all places had what I wanted! Anyone else feel the same way? That toys from yesteryear had some better toys?

So today I ventured to Dublin to the EXPO store. Fantastic! I could spend a lot of money there! Tee Hee! I also went to a molding store. I LOVE crown molding. I also could spend a lot of money there as well.

The wall of the kitchen is complete as well as the lights. All we need to do now is paint, refurnish the cabinets and put in the island. Oh and get some stools. Yippee! The room is amazing now! Who knew that wall would open up so much light and air! I love it.

Pics coming soon. I need to find my camera! YIKES!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I received a message today about this organization Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep where photographers come out to hospitals and take pictures of stillborns with their parents. My friend knew someone who just recently used this service and urged those to donate 5 dollars to the cause. It is free for families. I looked at their website and watched the most beautiful photographs of precious angels and their loved ones. Tears ran down my face. I swear I am extremely hormonal right now, but it even touched my husband.

I just wanted to pass on about this wonderful organization. Click Here to visit their website.


My child is a morning person. I am not. It's too early, and I stayed up too late. UG!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm 30 years old now. I'm just relaxing tonight, again staying up too late. I did get a birthday nap today! YAY! More work was completed in the kitchen. Wall knocked down and posts down too. Anthony cracked me up tonight before he fell asleep. Babbling MaMaMaMa in different tones as he drifted off to laalaa land. My heart melts when he talks. Saying the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. I love hearing him babble in the backseat of the car. I fall in love with him more and more and more as time passes by. His teacher came for the first time since Feb! How he has changed from then! I was looking at him and seeing not a baby but a small child. He is growing and changing so much!

Not to be such a downer, but I was browsing some CDs of pictures I have and I found some that brought back some memories. One soldier who served in my husband's platoon lost a child Aug 2005 due to a tragic drowning while he was serving in Iraq. I hosted a party with families of this platoon Feb 2005. I came across the pictures of him at this party and my eyes started to tear up. So young, so little, so precious. I loved playing with him and holding him at the various functions we saw each other that. I haven't thought about Blake in a while, but those pictures took my breathe away when I saw his pictures mixed in the CD.

Now as a mother I couldn't imagine the thought of losing Anthony. I don't know what I would do until I saw him again. This year one of my high school friends lost her 5 month old, and someone else lost her 14 month old. Losing a child I think is the worst thing in the world. I am so glad I have the opportunity to be a mother to experience this wonderful love and adoration for this 19 pound human who is the center of my universe.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Random Babblings

My mind is going a million miles a minute right now so I just might bulletin some specific ideas that I have all going on in my life and mind right now. To top it off our ADT machine is beeping at regular intervals. This is driving me NUTS!!!

  • Our kitchen is getting a slight remodel right now. I started out wanting to paint. We now have new light fixtures, crown molding, a wall knocked out, cabinets getting refinished and an island getting put in. Not to mention the paint. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. My mother in law's boyfriend is doing the work, but all are pitching in as much as we can. Its nice having him around for these kind of things. He is a handyman. A handy man with a mullet. A nice mullet man. I will post pics later. I'm to lazy to upload my pics right now from the camera.

  • There is a epidemic going around my front yard. Some sort of Garden Gnome disease. Two gnomes have broken into pieces! I am so upset. Well one I smashed on accident, but the other one I found it one morning knocked over with his arm and hand broken off. My paper was missing that morning as well. That was a cruddy morning.

  • The power and telephone are getting changed in the kitchen so our ADT control pad is not running on ac/dc but I guess battery power? Its sitting unplugged in my kitchen beeping away. I CAN'T STAND repetitive beeping so this is killing me. I wouldn't do well under any hostage interrogation situation. Just have some beeping going on and I would crack like an egg. I'm about ready to go put it in the trunk of the car just to get it out of the house.

  • It's my birthday tomorrow. 29 and 12 months old. Just a fancy term for the big 30!

  • We have a basset hound named Harley who we call the Great White Whale or the Great White Shark. This video should tell you why besides being a fat white dog.

  • Anthony is starting to eat real foods. He ate my birthday cake tonight enjoying it and making a mess. I can't wait for him to eat his own. Its next month!! Oh my goodness! He refused me trying to feed him this morning a bite of bread. He wanted to grab it and do it himself!

  • I just fixed my beeping problem! I found the machine wasn't possessed even though it wasn't connect to power it did have a battery pack inside of it. I found it and had to trace the wire and pull it out! YAY for me! No more beeping!

  • I really need to go to bed. I know though as soon as I lay down a certain little beast will wake up crying wanting to eat. Isn't that the way it always goes?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wagon? What wagon I don't see no stinkin wagon?

Yup I have failed. Well to my defense trying to stick to such a rigorous diet during a super stressful time was not easy. Plus at the hospital I couldn't get to a microwave, and it was much easier to eat a sandwich. But I have been walking/ jogging more. Trying to keep portion control as with the diet and then get motivated to start it all again.

oooh I just upset the little beastie! As he was crawling around under the desk I noticed he was eating something. So I stuck my finger out to get it out... and holy cow you would think that I hit him the way he is crying and screaming. Temper Temper. I guess that little piece of something meant the world to him.

So speaking of the baby beast he is doing wonderful! After several weeks of hibernation in my house we are finally out and about! The surgeon said he is still really swollen and not quite healed up BUT he is eating like a champ, sucking stronger out of a bottle, thus eating more volume at each feeding! Post surgery I didn't even recognize my baby his temperament was so unusual. My heart goes out to parents with fussy babies!

After lots of morphine, followed with Tylenol with codeine he was comforted. It took a little while for him to finally eat, or attempt to let us feed him. By spoon only though. He stopped making sounds or doing anything else with his mouth. He also started being shy with everyone but with Ira or myself.

He now is crawling on his hands and knees, standing up on furniture and the dogs. He also can open cupboards and pull items out with gusto! He also started clapping, waving and self feeding!!!!! Now that we can encourage self feeding, he LOVES it. Today at the Chinese restaurant having lunch with my mom noodles were flying everywhere. He loved playing with them. Muffins also are another fun food item. The dogs are starting to hang out by the highchair since they get most of the food as it drops to the floor.

I have started looking for 1st birthday party decorations. SIGH I cannot believe he is almost one year old!! My baby is growing up like a weed!

oh he is picking everything up and eating it. I will sweep and he will STILL find the most random thing to pick up. He also crawled out the doggie door as well. So now I have to lock that up. Silly baby.