Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bad Bad Bad Me

I've been a very bad blogger.

But I can honestly say I have been a bit preoccupied. So what have been the things that have driven me away from typing late into the night, spilling the beans on my life?

  • Anthony's Sickness and Pee-Pee Incident
  • Disneyland for Mother's Day Weekend
  • LA Trip to Fabulous Fords Car Show
  • Ira's Birthday
  • Baby #2 rocking the Uterus so much, its making contractions way to early.
  • Utter Exhaustion

Are any of those good enough excuses? Prob not, I know.

So as I sit and type this, I feel very very poopy like. Seriously. Like crap.
I'm 30 weeks preggars, and yesterday I started feeling an extreme amount of those tightening contractions, no pain, but a few of them really took my breath away.
It was mentioned to me that I looked like I had dropped, and after really looking, the Hubby and I both agree. Little boy blue has dropped down. So after getting so many contractions one after another, I called the required numbers. They had me drink lots of water and lay on my side for an hour. 2 contractions happened, not enough to warrant any fear, but they still wanted me to relax.

Cool... But then about a 1/2 hour ago I started feeling really nauseous. Ug. Was it the hamburger I had for dinner? I didn't think I overate, but possibly did I? And to boot, more cramp feeling down in the baby region.

Ug. Hopefully this just will pass. Soon.


Tony and Traci said...

Those are very legitimate reasons for passing on a few posts. I on the other hand just don't have anything blog worthy to write about. I hope that things calm down for you and you start to feel better. It's no fun to feel like that. It sounds like you have had some fun though.

Em said...

I bet he is on his way. I hate the week before labor comes, sheer torture, maybe it's that way to take our minds off of what is really coming... =) labor and delivery. hmmmmm. Take it easy, let me know if you need anything. You have your bag packed for the hospital? The babies sleeping situation set up? Clothes for the little guy out and washed? Let me know what I can help with!

Larry & Erica Evans said...

well, you are almost done!!!!!! I have a blanket for you!!!! SHould I mail it?