Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mom who needs your Mom Help and Advice

So what kind of stroller should I buy?

There are tons of the side by side jogging strollers out in the market. They are everywhere, it's the thing to buy apparently. But I hear they are a pain to move around. So do I go with the longer kind, one kid in front one in back? I need a double stroller that is for sure, but which kind.

Any suggestions?


Good bad, what do you use, liked or hated?

So Anthony saw his eye doctor yesterday and we got an updated prescription. So lets see if THIS time he will wear his glasses.


Amelia said...

NOT A CLUE!!! Can't believe I don't have an opinion on this one, but since Austin and Darby are 4 years apart I wrestled one to walk all the time and one in the stroller! ;) If I were to choose I would think the train style might be easier to maneuver especially in crowded places. Good Luck!!

Tony and Traci said...

I am trying to figure it out for myself. I have only really gotten a couple comments, but what people have told me to look for is the one that is the easiest for me to use. You have to be comfortable pushing it around. Go and test a couple out at the store to see which one best fits your needs.

Laurie said...

go with the long one. I have used both and the wide ones are a pain because you cannot get them through doorways a lot of the time.

AZ Larsens said...

Okay, just wanted to add in my thoughts about the stroller issue even though I told you my vote, the Sit N Stand!! We had originally bought an Eddie Bauer All-Terrain Tandem. We bought it because it was very sturdy and had high weight limits, and my kids are porkers. lol Anyway, DO NOT get that stroller! It was huge, inconvenient, hard to push/steer. I wish I would have just bought the Graco Duo Glider, if you're looking for a stroller both boys can sit in, etc. For the price, you can't beat it.

But I am still in LOVE with my Sit N' Stand! Got mine through Target. Another idea, go to Burlington Coat Factory if you have one, in their baby section, "Baby Depot". They have tons of stroller you can try out right in the store, a pretty good selection! All price ranges too.

One thing though, I would NOT get a side by side double, everyone I've ever talked to has hated those stroller, too hard to push through doorways or store aisles, etc.

Okay, done with my novel for now. I have bought no less than 5 strollers now, with only 3 kids! You might say I'm somewhat of a stroller fanatic. Always in search of the perfect one! lol

Mr. and Mrs. Corbett said...

Have you seen those sit and stand strollers? They seem really popular here and very convenient. Look it up online. They are very light weight too, so seems like bonus' all around =) I wish I had one when I had my second kid. I heard about them about a year too late =(

Em said...

I would go with the lightest one you can find. Your Anthony is still tiny and to load and unload the stroller is the worst part. I think I had a graco double, it was great. It was used and only $20. It served it's purpose, then I passed it on...not knowing Preston was in the future. I would go second hand as they aren't that amazing, I generally put them in the grocery cart wherever they had them. I've always wanted to try the sit and stand, but never got one. I know I don't want any of my older kids standing, oh the weight! =)