Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Big Move!

So yes yet again I have been MIA! But for a good reason. We have moved!
Not very far away, just into my Grandfathers ranch house. He is elderly and has been living in a retirement community. Unfortunately he didn't like that situation and longed to be back on his ranch he has lived and loved for 50 some-odd years. The place had been run down by the previous tenant, which upset my grandfather very much. After some serious consideration and discussion, it was felt that family needed to live in the ranch house, so my grandfather could live in his apartment above the shop.
Of course it is quite an adjustment for all of us, but it is very nice to be living in the country again. The river scenery is gorgeous, the swimming pool deluxe, the wild creatures amazing and the blue laminate counter top........ well thats just groovy baby!

The house will need some updating to prepare it for future sell, and that falls upon us as well as maintaining the property. But so far we are adapting well to the change and anticipating the birth of our newest son! Whose due date is exactly a month from today!


Tony and Traci said...

You'll have to snap some pictures when you are all settled in. I like the feeling of a new place, but I hate all the work that comes with it. We just moved ourselves. Nothing fancy, just a two bedroom instead of a one bed. I am glad you are doing well. I am excited for you to have your baby. I can't wait till mine comes.

Maren said...

What a good grand-daughter you are! Are you guys still in fourth ward then?