Monday, July 13, 2009

New Friends

Since we moved we go to a new ward for our Church.
Anthony attends a nursery class where they play, have snacks and have a gospel lesson geared towards toddlers and preschoolers. Yesterday I checked in through the door, and Anthony was playing so quietly and happy. Then I hear a small voice say " Anthony your Mom's here!" WHOOPS! A small blonde little boy was telling Anthony I was there. I was only trying to sneakily just check in on him so I shut the door REALLY quickly. I was impressed the boy even knew who was my son! Whew no problems arised.

After church I was walking out to the car with my family, and the small blonde boy and hid dad were behind us. I turned after I heard the dad was talking to me, telling me he thought my son was cute, and how his son introduced Anthony as his "new friend". It was such a sweet and tender thing to hear.

I think my little guy is doing ok in the new ward. He's been to a couple BBQ's and even a swim party! And now a new friend.