Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fun in the Sun

It’s that time again! I love to garden. I have a large vegetable garden and I love it. Weeding I can tolerate in smaller doses but ANTS! ARRRRRRRRGGGG! They are just killing me this year. I do not like to use pesticides but I have to resort to it right now due to the fact that they are annihilating my plants, fruit and me!

I got to spend some time out pulling weeds and mulching. I loved seeing the earth worms getting pulled up. That is such a wonderful sign! I really need to get my wormery going again. I really enjoyed that, plus the added benefits. If you are not sure what a wormery is click Here. I need to get mulching done as possible in the next few days to help keeps the weeds down while I am busy with Anthony’s recovery. Yuck.

I didn’t love the ants. They are just driving me bonkers. They are worse then ever, and when I picked up a strawberry off the ground they went psycho on me. I am afraid that we might have RIFA now, they are present in nearby areas and since they are so aggressive it makes me suspicious. I was never the best person to identify ants at my old work so I used a co-worker a lot for that. I have a little cheat sheet somewhere but I don’t know where I put it…. Hmmmmmmm,

We spent some time today cleaning and prepping around the house and getting to play out at my parent’s ranch. My brother-in-law and his family came down which was a great visit full of fun including the baja bike rides! Whooooooo hoooo! Love the feel of the wind in my hair, oh and also almost flipping the bike too. Whoops!

Anthony LOVED being outdoors and sat contentedly in his stoller for it seemed a couple hours watching everyone drive around. He got to attend his first picnic sitting on a blanket and every thing! Too bad he had pureed carrot and not a hamburger like the rest of us. However he has gotten to try cake TWO days in a row! My mom’s birthday cake last night and the cake today. He loves cake. Good to know!

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embly said...

LOVE the car pose! Hot Hot Hot! You make me smile! Love ya!

Let me know if you need anything this week!

We've already got Anthony and your family in our prayers!