Thursday, May 15, 2008

Surgery Day!!

My little baby is having surgery right now as I sit and type this. Cleft palate repair and ear tube are getting put in. It is a pretty routine surgery, but I still hate it. I am a natural worrier. I create all these scenarios in my mind full of chaos and horrible events. I should have been a screenwriter or something with the crazy thoughts I can conjure up in my head. Recovery will be the worst because of the No-Nos he has to wear. Anth has a WONDERFUL temper, and I know that he will be wanting the No-Nos off as soon as possible. The surgeon said that he will get used to them. Yay, so can he stay with you until then?? I didn't ask that. but I just thought that question.

The anesthesiologist was very nice, and gave Anth something to make him high as a kite. Laughing, blinking, and making weird tongue noises he was a happy baby when they took him back. The nurses were fighting on who got to carry him back and he was loving every second of it. Silly baby. I love him so much.

My blessing of comfort said that angels will be at his side at all times. The thought makes me tear up, but knowing that he is such a sweet little spirit he will be protected. It really was a comfort hearing those words. I hope for a speedy recovery for him. Even though he will have his moments he will be ok.

I cant wait for him to be able to sip a thick chocolate milkshake out of straw while munching on fries and a cheeseburger. That totally makes up for all this pain and misery for a short while. If we don't fix this, he wouldn't be able to speak noramlly OR even worse sip out of a straw. So Yay for milkshakes and fries!

mmmmmmmmmmmm fries!

*Here are some pics from the surgery*

These are pictures pre and post surgery


embly said...

You're Amazing! glad things went well, keep me posted. Let me know if you need anything, even just a break, I can come over and help!

Jennifer said...

I love your "ramblings" don't stop :) you have such a beautiful baby! I guess he's bigger now since this was written last year but man how cute!

Thanks for sharing this. I'm a worry bug too... it's so horrible. I am going to go loony when I have kids!!

You are one patient and strong woman! Thanks for being so inspirational :)