Friday, July 25, 2008

Tag your it!

Ok Here is the deal... no cleaning before hand! Take pics and post them with your answers!

1) Dream Vacation:
A trip through Europe

2)Self Portrait
haa haa I just found the usual pic of myself in sepia

3)What are the kids/pets doing right now
Umm Anth is up to his usual self....mischief and mayhem

Mr. Pickles is on the chair, and Harley is on the doggie bed. Doing what they do best... sleeping.

The recently shaved Chelsey is resting on her bed as well! LAZY!

Nothing too exciting here. Did you notice the strategic angle taken? =) so you can't see all my whips and chains... just kidding. Or am I... =)

5)Favorite Room
Probably the front room minus the laundry. It is where the action is.

6)Favorite Shoes
I would make a good Okiee... I love to be barefoot. Plus I have a nice french pedi so I am not embarrassed to show them right now

7)Laundry Room
This is my laundry closet. I love my front loaders.

After taking the previous picture, I took clothes out of the dryer. My little helper "helped" me.

Notice again the little helper. I think he was wanting to go "fishing" in the toilet again. *SIGH*

EMPTY!! Whoooo hooo. I didn't even cheat I swear!

HOWEVER the floor took a beating from my "helper"

I did however take out all my booze for this photo. I just moved it to the side it wouldn't show. =0) I swear I have more condiments than food!

hmmmmm who to tag!
Ok Kris, Erica, Alana and Staci! Amanda don't be a wuss and do it girl! The challenge is thrown down! Anyone who randomly reads this... do it too cus your tagged.


Crazy McWife said...

We have front loaders too, and I love them! We have so much laundry (for just the 2 of us) its rediculous.

I don't know if I'm brave enough to do the picture thing yet. Your house is spotless compared to mine, seriously! I'm jealous of the wood floors too. I really want some. :( I hate our carpet.

Larry & Erica Evans said...

darn it.... i guess I will do it. I had to make sure I was the onl Erica up there. Check back later!!! can i clean up first?