Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Water Wiggles

So I signed up Anthony for Water Wiggles Class. A class for 6 month to 2 year olds to learn to get used to being in the water. It is a cute little class where we sing songs, splash and just feel safe and comfortable in the pool. The instructor called it a bonding class. Today was the second day. He did great! Cindy the teacher reached out for him and he reached out to her so he could "swim" around with her then back to me. We did that a couple times! He was all smiles during that move. He loves to watch me blow bubbles, and loves to splash water his his hands. He hasn't learned to kick with his feet yet, but that will come soon enough. I think tomorrow is dunking day! Tonight in his bath he kept putting his face in the water to try and eat the bubbles. I think Water Wiggles is already working!

We celebrated Anthony's birthday with a Beach Monkey Luau!
Here is a photoslide of the event! It was a wonderful day filled with our most favorite and loved people! What a great way to celebrate Anthony's first year of life!


Em said...

HOLY COW!!!! That was a full house! Sorry we missed all the fun!