Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fair Time is Fun Time

Just got back from the fair! Nothing is better than a strawberry-chocolate funnel cake with powder sugar and whipped creme! OHHH YEAH!!

So the funny thing happened in the Petting Zoo tonight. We were bent over petting a goat, and I was all excited because I love goats. Talking it all up for Anthony so he'd get excited. And what do I see when I look back at him, he was petting a little girl's hair who was standing right next to me!

Then again! We were at the calf, and again I was all excited. And what happens? He pets a little boy with this huge mop of soft curly brown hair. I didn't blame him there, it was beautiful hair.

He did get excited when he got to get up close to a friend of ours cow "Legs" Thank you Legs for being so patient with us. She is a beautiful Holstein Cow who won her class earlier today! She was getting ready to go in the show ring one more time. We had a blast playing with the Damas's and Char.

I miss the action of showing. I was telling Ira it was such a HUGE part of my life growing up. Then in college I was on a couple collegiate show teams which I eventually stopped. Then stopped showing open. So now 9 years have gone by with nothing. And to think I was going into Ag Education where it would have been my job to go to the fair. I got a little teary eyed tonight when Ira asked me if I missed it. I think he saw how bright I got when I was telling him about the different animals. I was scratching the face of a huge Suffolk ram at the time. I think that is when I got a little of the "homesick" feeling of missing my sheep.

So when I go back and see it all happening I miss it. Hopefully my kids will get into 4-H or FFA if they choose.

So as I loaded the pics tonight I noticed a picture that my hubby took. He had the camera most of the night.

And also my demise... wouldn't this just suck as the way to go?


Em said...

we get to go Saturday night! Yihaw! Except for the fact that I'm allergic to all animals and can't take benedryl or ride the rides....should be fun! That funnel cake has totally encouraged me though! =)

I loved that Anthony petted the kids, that is hilarious, they probably smelt much better than those cute stinky goats.

Larry & Erica Evans said...

Ok, that's HILARIOUS about the petting of the other kids hair. You should have gotten a pic of that. Did the kids notice? HA!

Ashley said...

mmm! that funnel cake looks delicious!!!

haha i loved your comment.