Monday, February 9, 2009

Monkey See... Monkey Do

So I had to laugh the other day as I was attempting to clean the house with my assistant. I've heard how as a parent we set the example for our children. What we do is viewed and mimicked by our children.
So I guess this is my 18 month old's perception on how things are to be done.

1) Hot pads are to be worn on our heads, not on our hands. And always check your reflection in the oven glass before leaving the room.

2) Vacuum while using your cell phone on speaker phone. Vacuuming while sitting on your butt is also very productive.

3) Rummage through your kitchen drawers while preparing your meals. Also talk on the cell phone while doing this as well.

4) Read the morning newspaper while eating your breakfast! Also making a goatee with your yogurt is healthy for your skin.

I had a great laugh when seeing his actions. I do read the paper every morning while eating my breakfast, this has been something that he has started to do as well. I now have to wait to read until he is finished eating, or he won't finish it at all.

I think I must talk on the phone a lot, hmmmmmmmmm.

I don't vacuum while sitting down, nor do I wear hot pads on my head as well.

However, I also do not play the piano nor vacuum like this......

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Day Family said...

How cute! I love your background!

Micstew said...

Those X's are hilarious!!