Monday, February 2, 2009

Seeing Spots

So my little man is allergic to something... but we just don't know what! I think it might be Fruit Loops cereal.
He has a case of the hives which has been very interesting. Saturday night was the worst, he was covered head to toe. The Dr put him on some steroid to help control it, since benedryl wasn't doing anything. Besides that, he seems to be doing OK.
I still have a cold, and a cough that is kicking my butt.
Daddy has taught my little spotted cheetah how to flex his muscles while making a manly growl sound. I've been unsuccessful in obtaining an adorable photo of this event. It is truly a swooning experience! The t-shirt saying his Auntie Sarah got him rings so true...


Jennifer said...

Oh man, I hope it's not fruit loops... they are so good! I think my husband wold die if he was allergic to that cereal.

Get well soon!

Crazy McWife said...

Awww, poor little guy! Is it the food coloring maybe? I know some people who are allergic to certain food colorings. I hope they find out what it is!