Friday, June 6, 2008

Wagon? What wagon I don't see no stinkin wagon?

Yup I have failed. Well to my defense trying to stick to such a rigorous diet during a super stressful time was not easy. Plus at the hospital I couldn't get to a microwave, and it was much easier to eat a sandwich. But I have been walking/ jogging more. Trying to keep portion control as with the diet and then get motivated to start it all again.

oooh I just upset the little beastie! As he was crawling around under the desk I noticed he was eating something. So I stuck my finger out to get it out... and holy cow you would think that I hit him the way he is crying and screaming. Temper Temper. I guess that little piece of something meant the world to him.

So speaking of the baby beast he is doing wonderful! After several weeks of hibernation in my house we are finally out and about! The surgeon said he is still really swollen and not quite healed up BUT he is eating like a champ, sucking stronger out of a bottle, thus eating more volume at each feeding! Post surgery I didn't even recognize my baby his temperament was so unusual. My heart goes out to parents with fussy babies!

After lots of morphine, followed with Tylenol with codeine he was comforted. It took a little while for him to finally eat, or attempt to let us feed him. By spoon only though. He stopped making sounds or doing anything else with his mouth. He also started being shy with everyone but with Ira or myself.

He now is crawling on his hands and knees, standing up on furniture and the dogs. He also can open cupboards and pull items out with gusto! He also started clapping, waving and self feeding!!!!! Now that we can encourage self feeding, he LOVES it. Today at the Chinese restaurant having lunch with my mom noodles were flying everywhere. He loved playing with them. Muffins also are another fun food item. The dogs are starting to hang out by the highchair since they get most of the food as it drops to the floor.

I have started looking for 1st birthday party decorations. SIGH I cannot believe he is almost one year old!! My baby is growing up like a weed!

oh he is picking everything up and eating it. I will sweep and he will STILL find the most random thing to pick up. He also crawled out the doggie door as well. So now I have to lock that up. Silly baby.


Day Family said...

Wow, it is amazing how fast they change. I am so glad the worst is behind him! What a cutie!

embly said...

the doggie door, man kids are so smart! It was so fun to walk with you Friday, looking forward to monday! You rock!