Saturday, August 2, 2008

Is it Wrong?

To want to give my child some benydryl at his nap time? I need some sleep. ALL NIGHT we were up. We both have a nasty cold right now, and last night I think was the worst of all the nights! Cried all night, wouldn't lay in his crib, wouldn't sleep in bed with us, wouldn't sleep in the rocking chair with me.
He is a party animal right now playing all morning since 5:30. You wouldn't have even known that we had a bad night, except for my puffy eyes and occasional head bobble as I fall asleep in mid motion. I think I got ummm 2 hours collectively. Plus I am emotional about another matter and that isn't helping the situation.

I probably won't do it, but it sure sounds tempting.


Em said...

What's going on??

Be sure to scrub your hands wherever you go, hand,foot and mouth disease is really going around Turlock. We don't have it...yet.....fingers & toes crossed =( Not fun!