Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby 3 Mom 0

So today was one of THOSE days.

I was bitten on the knee this afternoon. Anthony was discovereing the art of biting my leg, so I tried to change his attention elsewhere. A few minutes later when I was absentmindedly watching Martha whip up a chocolate pie Anthony played on the floor in front of me. My legs were stretched out on the couch in the most relaxing manner. To my surprise I feel this intense pain searing my knee. I scream out loud a resounding "YEOW!!!" I look down to discover my son's face coming back up from my knee with a look of shock at first from the noise I made. The shock was instantly replaced with joy from the reaction I gave him. I try to divert his attention away, but all he does is try to replay that wonderful sound. I check my knee to find that he has broken skin through my jeans! He grabbed a hold of my hand and pulls my finger towards his mouth. I see him open wide getting ready for a good chomping! I quickly pull away and decided that it was the perfect time to try and put him down for his second nap.

Which leads to the next section.

Of course today was the day of the 20 min nap. And only 20 minutes.
After running errands in Modesto, and returning to Turlock, Anth slept on the way home. That was his one and only nap for the day.

Nap Try One: I put him down for a nap. He wails for a minute or two then proceeds to play for a while. I take the time to sightread some new Christmas Solos I purchased today for myself and some of my students. I listen to the on and off again wailing and jabbering from his room. Which is normal. I then hear a while later an intense screaming, so I decided to break protocol and go into his room to investigate. I discovered that he was upset. He points down on the floor of the bedroom to his socks. He pulled off his socks then dropped them onto the ground. So I pick it up and give it back to him. He was happy. I leave and hope he might go to sleep, but nope. I give in... and he wins that round.

He plays for a couple hours, snacks on cheese, milk and eats a large helping of toddler cheese puffs things. They are gross, but he liked them apparently. After the knee biting incident I decide lets try to nap two!

Nap Try Two:
I put him down, he cries and wails his displeasure at me. This is normal which he usually (but not today) will cry himself to sleep, or just play for a while then fall asleep. I hear him doing the intense scream wail which is not normal for him. I check on my video monitor. I see him walking around the edge, so I decided to go in and inspect. I go in to find that he had picked up every stuffed animal friend and blanket and had thrown them out of the crib onto the floor. So he was left deserted and sitting alone in his bed. This is a new behavior for him. I decided he cried long enough and pulled him out.

Baby wins again.

I put him to bed 30 minutes early tonight for his own safety and my sanity. When he doesn't get his nap his is a little bear! He went to sleep like a champ.


Larry & Erica Evans said...

Kylie with throw things out of the crib....then Maddie knows it's a game so she puts them back in (at night) but then Kylie of course throws them out again....then Maddie gets mad that she's throwing them out. So....then we have to tell Maddie....EVERYTIME...don't give them back to her. strong....if he throws them out...that's it. They don't get them back. After a couple of times doing that...they won't do it again! Good luck!