Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trying to pull a fast one

I've been trying to wean Anthony off of his special needs feeder. This has been a very hard thing to do. He will drink out of a cup, but only in the bathtub. I've tried so many different kinds of cups, sippy cups, everything. I have a cupboard filled with every kind. Nothing is good enough for him. So his infant development teacher says lets try a regular bottle, see if he will use that then move onto a sippy cup from there. So standing in the store I see a yellow bottle that resembles his usual nipple. Hmmm I think maybe he will see the color yellow and at least give it a try?

So as he was sitting eating dinner I put the regular nippled bottle full of milk on his high chair. He was eating away, picked up the bottle as if he was to start to drink, "OH" I think its going to work! He then stops as it gets closer to his face. He looks closely at it for a minute... touches it with his index finger.... then flings it across the room. Nope.

Silly Mommy for thinking that her brilliant idea of deceiving the baby was going to work.