Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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So I bet that is what you said when you saw this little baby! Nice huh? With some of you knowing how science orientated I am, I love most creatures especially ugly bugs. And this one I think is one of the ugliest of all, a Potato Bug it is sometimes called, but really known as a Jerusalem Cricket. They are normally not harmful (they can bite), and shy creatures. I was a big angry to find him playing in my son's bathtub. I drew the line there, so I grab some toilet paper and try to capture him to take him outside. I found him hanging on by dear life by his feet onto the paper. I loved the tenacity of the J. cricket so I took some pictures. That a look at how interesting his legs are. They have large mandible and chewing mouth parts, which I discovered he had chewed on Anthony beloved bath toys! A rubber alphabet that sticks to the walls.
After trying to take some cool pics, I released him out into the wild wilderness of my front porch planters. Lots of leaves to eat there, not bath toys!
A few days later I found a dead belly up J. cricket laying near my garage, maybe it was him! But tonight I saw one waddling down the walkway. I think he is just fine. He just better not get back into my bathtub again.
Yes I disinfected the tub and toys... yuck.


Emily K said...

That is a gross bug! Uh--yes I know how to make applesauce and yes, I am interested! Call me 664-1667.

Larry & Erica Evans said...

holy cow. it makes you wonder how he got in there.

Em said...

lucky you found him and not me. It would have been smooshed