Monday, November 17, 2008

Flu Time is Fun Time

well I think we all know that the flu is NOT fun. Well I was told by the advice nurse that I don't have the flu because that is upper respiratory, I have an intestinal viral infection.

Um yeah whatever, it all sucks. Big time.

Started Friday night with Puke Fest '08 in Anthony's crib. Which then turned into our bed which puking continued till... yesterday morning for him. I then however, took off from where he left off.

Ira came home not feeling well today, and I think he is going to continue the Puke fest onto the next couple days.

Should be fun.

I heard some news today that threw me for a loop. I'm still in shock, excited but still in shock.


Day Family said...

You going to keep us in suspense???

Lanie said...

Come on, you have to tell us! You can't just dangle something out there and then keep quiet!

Larry & Erica Evans said...

WHAT? You can't post that and not say anything. That may totally trump the whole puke fest thing!