Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I finally got it!

What is it??? Something I have been dreaming about forever!!!

The hubsters surprised me with it! Well, he called and told me this line about stopping by the store to get me something... the story went on and on... and I totally bite it.. hook line and sinker.

So he came home with it. I've been playing with it.

We are still all sick-a-roo's. We had a trip planned for this weekend and we don't know yet if we will attempt to try or not.

Wish us luck!


Tony and Traci said...

You probably did see me. We have been walking around the park every morning for less than a week, but I am helping her keep her pregnancy weight down. What model do you have?? I have a D70 and I absolutely love it.

Mamarazzi said...

oh i am sooooooo jealous! i needa new camera soooo badly!!

i am out blog hopping tonight. i am not sure how i got here but we are neighbors and "i belong" toooo!!

come on over and say hello!