Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy 1st Fathers day to my awesome husband Ira!

My husband is a wonderful, doting, caring dad who wants the best for his son. I hope he had a wonderful day filled with memories.

So this goes to the one who has the magical touch to get the baby to sleep at night. Works long hard days to put food on the table and spending money in our wallets. Makes Anthony squeal with delight and holds him with tender arms.

To the one who willing naps with him on the couch, and babbles along in conversation while playing on the floor. The one willingly wakes in the night to make the bottles that I feed. The one who will change diapers, but still tries to leave some for mommy.

The one who already started teaching the concept of "milk and cookies" to his 10 month old son. The one who dreams of taking his son to car shows, fishing and other daddy and son activities.

The one to repeated "Mama" over and over so our son would say mama first before dada.

To the one who loves our son with his whole being.

Happy 1st Fathers Day! We love you very much!


Anonymous said...
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embly said...

That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. Saying Mama over and over again, Zack was the opposite. =)