Friday, June 13, 2008

Toys Today

So last night we were over at my mom's house. Anthony has some new toys she has purchased for him, but also there are the ones that have been passed down the ages of grandchildren. I discovered that even though the toys are pretty neat-o now, there are some better ones that are old!

Blocks! Simple rubber blocks on a wagon you pull with a string. The wagon makes a popping sound as it rolls. He had a blast with it. We tried stacking the blocks, but he would rather knock down my towers. =(

Simplicity is what I am craving. He has the singing, beeping, lights and action toys which he loves. But I Want him to be able to be entertained by something that doesn't make noise, or sing or light up in 12 different colors. Something simple like a plain tower of rings was harder for me to find other than the lighted singing one. Longs of all places had what I wanted! Anyone else feel the same way? That toys from yesteryear had some better toys?

So today I ventured to Dublin to the EXPO store. Fantastic! I could spend a lot of money there! Tee Hee! I also went to a molding store. I LOVE crown molding. I also could spend a lot of money there as well.

The wall of the kitchen is complete as well as the lights. All we need to do now is paint, refurnish the cabinets and put in the island. Oh and get some stools. Yippee! The room is amazing now! Who knew that wall would open up so much light and air! I love it.

Pics coming soon. I need to find my camera! YIKES!