Sunday, June 8, 2008

Random Babblings

My mind is going a million miles a minute right now so I just might bulletin some specific ideas that I have all going on in my life and mind right now. To top it off our ADT machine is beeping at regular intervals. This is driving me NUTS!!!

  • Our kitchen is getting a slight remodel right now. I started out wanting to paint. We now have new light fixtures, crown molding, a wall knocked out, cabinets getting refinished and an island getting put in. Not to mention the paint. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. My mother in law's boyfriend is doing the work, but all are pitching in as much as we can. Its nice having him around for these kind of things. He is a handyman. A handy man with a mullet. A nice mullet man. I will post pics later. I'm to lazy to upload my pics right now from the camera.

  • There is a epidemic going around my front yard. Some sort of Garden Gnome disease. Two gnomes have broken into pieces! I am so upset. Well one I smashed on accident, but the other one I found it one morning knocked over with his arm and hand broken off. My paper was missing that morning as well. That was a cruddy morning.

  • The power and telephone are getting changed in the kitchen so our ADT control pad is not running on ac/dc but I guess battery power? Its sitting unplugged in my kitchen beeping away. I CAN'T STAND repetitive beeping so this is killing me. I wouldn't do well under any hostage interrogation situation. Just have some beeping going on and I would crack like an egg. I'm about ready to go put it in the trunk of the car just to get it out of the house.

  • It's my birthday tomorrow. 29 and 12 months old. Just a fancy term for the big 30!

  • We have a basset hound named Harley who we call the Great White Whale or the Great White Shark. This video should tell you why besides being a fat white dog.

  • Anthony is starting to eat real foods. He ate my birthday cake tonight enjoying it and making a mess. I can't wait for him to eat his own. Its next month!! Oh my goodness! He refused me trying to feed him this morning a bite of bread. He wanted to grab it and do it himself!

  • I just fixed my beeping problem! I found the machine wasn't possessed even though it wasn't connect to power it did have a battery pack inside of it. I found it and had to trace the wire and pull it out! YAY for me! No more beeping!

  • I really need to go to bed. I know though as soon as I lay down a certain little beast will wake up crying wanting to eat. Isn't that the way it always goes?


Kris said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow! (Or is that technically today?) 29 and 12 months!! Wooo hoooo!!!! Hey, I'm not that far behind ya!! I added you to my blog list, hope you don't mind. :) I'm excited you're blogging! I love bloggers!

Kris said...

How'd the b-day go? Where's the pic of the mullett? :)