Friday, June 20, 2008

The Gnome Pandemic

A Gnome Pandemic has struck across the yard of the Myricks. Garden gnomes are succumbing to the virus that has been causing gnome death and destruction. Statistics so far is that there is a 50% death rate among garden gnomes located in the front yard. Please be advised to vaccinate your garden gnomes and do not let them near the Myrick household. All visiting gnomes will be quarantined.


Wow if you happen to look up garden gnomes in Photobucket you find some interesting gnomes. Wow that's all I have to say about that. Anyhoo... yes my gnomes have taken a turn for the worse this past month. Two have broken! Albeit I broke one of them on accident, the other is a mystery! Someone or something broke that one! DANG IT!

Tired of looking at the broken gnome on my doorstep I went to the garage and tried to patch them up. I attempted to fix my front door gnome by using JB Weld on it and some tape. Trying to help keep the parts together while they dry I used some clear tape to hold some pressure. After I finished I stepped back to see my handiwork, or lack thereof. What I noticed is that I created an arm sling out of the tape. It was quite amusing. Poor gnome. I do not think he is going to make it.

So tonight we are attempting Dr. Ferber's sleep method for the baby beast. And a beast he was! So far he has woken up twice and has cried himself back to sleep. Poor baby... but I MUST be strong! He needs to sleep in his crib. After the surgery we set up an airbed in his room where he was co sleeping with us. After a few nights I couldn't sleep on that thing anymore and went back to my own bed. Which has been fine up until last night. After a 1:00 in the morning feeding he fell asleep and I put him to bed next to Ira. I went back to bed, but was awoken to hear him happily chirping. I got up to check and found him playing in the hallway. Exploring in the dark? Little rascal! He climbed down the airbed and out of the room. So now little Jacques Cousteau of the Hallway you need to sleep safely in you crib!

I went to Sac today. I got to visit IKEA and eat at Mikunis! I totally recommend the sea steak, BBQ tuna and the bon bons! YUMMY!


Em said...

i am a wimp and will run from sushi! I do love IKEA however!

Kris said...

Mmmm, I totally want sushi. Hey, if you decide to ever grace UT with your presence, let me know, and we'll go to a really good sushi place out here that I love!

Kris said...

Oh yeah, you should post a pic of your gnome in his little sling, lol!