Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Cute Thing Done by My Son

At our church all positions are done voluntarily. During the Sacrament meetings a vote is taken by the congregation to see if everyone is OK with who will be doing what job. They ask those in favor raise their hands, then they ask if anyone opposes to do the same. This is a common practice.

This previous Sunday I was playing the organ, so I was up front viewing everyone. Hubby and our little man were sitting on my side of the building in plain view.

During this vote, I noticed that Anthony decided to join in. But of course during the "If anyone opposes" part. It was so adorable. Sitting there in his little suit and tie, watching everyone around him raise their hands, he wanted to do the same. Name after name that was called, the only one in the entire congregation who would raise their hand in opposition, was my son. He looked proud to be doing his part.