Monday, March 2, 2009


I had to laugh today as I was walking around the radiology lab today for my second repeat ultrasound. There printed out on sticky labels on all of the light switches was the code


Yes, I agreed. I was in Hell. Even though it really didn't say it, I thought it was appropriate.

So still I have nothing definitive to report to all of you. All I do know for a fact is that, the ultrasound tech will not say the sex is or isn't. She only will give her best guess. OK...... so I rephrased the question.

"Do you feel confident in your guess that it is a boy?"

Her reply..."No....there is a percentage that it is a boy"

I think expletives came out of my mouth at that point.

Once again I got the statistical concept of 50%...

But then I also got this little nugget of advice from her "Have your DR look at it with a scan in the office, and if he says its a boy, and I say it might be a boy, then it is a boy"

I ALSO got this out of her... she didn't want to give the wrong answer and then have me come back and complain. Complain? Sue? What the heckers?

Al I wanted was some confidence in your work. Especially since they are looking for some other deformations that I can hereditary pass onto this child. Give me some reassurance that you are good at your job! That was all I asked. I understood I couldn't get the results from the medical parts of the scan, legally a doctor has to be the one to tell me. OK I understand that, but COME ON give me one piece of something to give me sanity during this nerve wracking time. Is it a boy or NOT?

I can handle the excuse of the baby was in the wrong position, and they couldn't get a look. Then I wouldn't feel quite as bad. But just because you think I will come back and sue or yell or whatever it is? I didn't think that was good enough to pacify me.

Now I'm more agitated then before. Really this agitation stems from the wait to see the results to see if this baby is healthy.

A boy is a blessing during this economical time because I have everything from my first son. I would only need a double stroller.

A girl well would be fun too, since I had a super blast playing with bows and dresses with my new baby cousin. I would however need to purchase girl clothes... and bows... and shoes... and tights..... and well you get the picture.