Friday, March 6, 2009

Social Butterfly

Today at lunch Anthony and I went to Togo's sandwich shop.
Surprisingly everything went extremely well, since he has discovered the new art of standing up in his high chair. He ate his chips happily and people watched through the large windows facing the sidewalk.
After we were finished with lunch I wanted a refill on my lemonade, but we had to go clear across the restaurant. Normally this isn't a huge deal, but with a excited 19 month old who just wants to go outside, we were going the "wrong" way. Thankfully he calmed down and entertained himself and others while I waited in the soda fountain machine line. I turn to see him running up to different tables and smiling and waving to strangers.

I tried to coax him to leave the people alone but of course when the strangers would smile, wave and talk back, he got all the reinforcement and encouragement to keep going. I finally got my cup refilled, and was trying to coax my little man out the door. He ran down the aisle yelling and waving to all the other customers as a finale grand exit.

I smiled as I heard the trail of laughter and happy voices of customers behind me until the closing door finally shut off the sounds.


Day Family said...

He makes people smile everywhere he goes! He is such a cute, sweet boy.

Holly said...

That's so cute!!!