Monday, March 16, 2009


I miss you. Very much. Too much actually. I think it is a good thing to take a"break" for a while, but I'm like a obsessed teenage love-relationship. I can't get enough of you. I had to eat my dinner in silence tonight. I usually had your company when he is gone, now all I have is the silence and my mind. I could read, now I have the time at night. But I miss the light shining from you, and the laughter you would always have there waiting for me. I miss your mind numbing thoughtless trance you could put me in. I need that. I crave that.

I miss you, when will you be back dear DVR/TV?
3-5 days the service tech told me.
I anxiously await for you.

.......I miss you


Day Family said...

You crack me up! I think I would have a revolt on my hands if my TV went out for a week.

Holly said...

I feel so horrible for you Janell!!! I really do. I don't know what I'd do without my DVR!!!