Monday, August 4, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football!?!

So are you ready for some football? Are you? Really? We officially are here in my house. The TV is on the NFL channel as I type. Hubby walked out of the room, but dare I turn it off? No I think he is coming back.

So today was a unusual day for me. I had a To Do List, which all but one was checked off! Typically most things don't get checked in my hectic life. I opted to skip on picking up the dog food until tomorrow. Too darn hot, and I was getting tired of hauling Anthony in and out of each destination we were at. I think he was too.

We still are under the weather, and poor Anth got a yucky case of diaper rash tonight. It will happen out of the blue. He howls, and complains and I try everything I know until I change his diaper where I then see the culprit. Baboon Butt as we call it. Poor little monkey.

Anthony experienced Mr Bubbles for the first time tonight and it was adorable. I just sat and watched him play in fascination of the white bubbles sticking to his hands and arms. It was a precious moment that I wish I could capture and savour in every time I need a pick me up.

So today I returned a pan that I have had over a year! OOPS!!
So I followed etiquette and did not return the pan empty. I filled it with some yummy warm brownies. I hope they enjoyed them.
Sad to say was that I don't like making brownies in my home if I don't get to eat them! I only had one box of brownies mix, and I had to do the right thing. So the smell of brownies have haunted me all day long