Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Kisses and Hippo Walking

A Christmas present Anthony received was this cool hippo thing where he could push walk, and it can pick up and eat toys. Then when he is older he can sit and ride it around. A couple nights ago out of the blue Anthony surprised us by figuring out on his own that he could walk the hippo around. Of course I taped some of the first videos of it. By the next morning he is the hippo master and pushes the hippo everywhere he can go. My walls and glass doors are taking the brunt of it all. The joy in watching him move his little diaper covered booty is priceless though. Kisses are given frequently in our household. Nothing like the open mouth kiss that babies give. This morning while I was holding him, Anthony planted a big joyful kiss right on my mouth when I was talking to him. What a surprise! Usually I ask him for kisses and if he is willing he will give one. Today was different because he did it all on his own. What a moment! The only dark spot on it was that I saw him giving Mr. Pickles kisses on his nose a few mornings ago.

I know for a fact that Mr. Pickles didn't ask for them. So am I second to the dog?


Tony and Traci said...

Look at that cute little face :) that is so fun to see him walking. He was just rolling around the last time I saw him.