Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Car

Well we traded in the corolla for a mustang yesterday. Ira has had mustang dreams since he was a little kid. Of course he has owned several old classics that needed to be worked on but they all needed serious money to be dropped into them. He never got the chance to enjoy them like he had hoped. So after some thought, watching a particular car on the dealer lot for months we threw caution to the wind and traded almost straight across. Of course we know that it isn't the smartest move in the world to trade in a reliable, economical car for the gas guzzling sport car, but if you knew my husband you would understand why it was a valuable move for our sanities and marriage.

I am hoping that this might quiet some of the demons that have plagued us since he has been home from Iraq. Ira doesn't get a chance to go out and do a lot of hobbies. Cars are his number one passion. He is wanting to get a local car club together so they can go on rides, compete in car shows and do service projects. Already the past few days I am seeing life back into my husband's eyes. He is working so hard 7 days a week lately and I am happy that he was able to reach out and touch his biggest dream in life yesterday.

I am surprised that he wanted a newer car rather than the classic. But at least with this one he can drive it and slowly build his 67 fastback. Instead of trying to get the 67 restored in record amount of time and HUGE amounts of money.

We recently sold our 1969 Mach 1 a few months ago. Now we are proud owners of a 2003 Mach1. I guess we just love our ponies and gotta hear the hoof beats all the time
Our old 69 Mach 1
The 67 in its current stage of restoration

What the completed 67 fastback will look like

Meet the newest member of the family!


Crazy McWife said...

Oooh! I'm a mustang girl all the way! :) Yeah! Love the power!! That was my favorite thing to haul when we hauled Fords. :) And I do hope Ira gets to enjoy it as much as he can. :)