Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We had dinner tonight at Patagohs here in Turlock. We met up with Jeff Thrahser, his sister Pati, his wife and their child Teddy. Thrasher served in Iraq with Ira and was his roommate for a while. It wonderful seeing them and meeting Teddy for the first time. Thrasher moved to China to be with his new wife who is Chinese. Teddy is 2 weeks younger then Anthony but 10 pounds heavier! He is such a doll! We had a fabulous time with them and can't wait to get to see them before they head back home.

Today I received my belated birthday present Wii Fit! So after Ira played a few round of his golf on the Wii Sport game, we decided to try it out!
It was hilarious. Ira got a kick of mocking me from the couch as I attempted to try it out. "You really wasn't an athlete were you?" Was one of his questions. Whatever. I know now it was because of my feet pronation. My lack of balance has not been because I am not good at sports or balancing but because my body is built that way! No excuses says Ira. Whatever. I got my revenge soon enough. I wish I could have taken pictures of Ira doing the Tree yoga pose with his shorts rolled all the way up to his bottom! I was VERY impressed though that he held it in balance the whole time! The Tree pose looks like this.
It looks neat, but with the eighties looking rolled up shorts it just gave me the giggles that couldn't stop.

I was able to redeem myself to Ira by showing him up on the ski part, and I even taught him how to ski better. Oh and the dance stepping one, I rocked that one. But that was all I rocked. Ira whipped me in everything else. =(
We had a good time though. For both us not being gamers, we have really enjoyed the Wii. Guitar Hero too.. ROCK ON!!


Em said...

Love your new background and pics at the top, SO cute!

Glad the dinner was fun. We are going to have to come over and play with you guys! I promise NOT to roll my shorts up to my bottom! No promises for Zack.

Day Family said...

Hey! I meant to tell you that your new 'do is really cute!